Writing Fellows

February-May 2014

Creative Team is a niche in the UW-Madison Advertising Club, a niche in which we can participate in a mini ad agency.  I’ve done Creative Team since Sophomore Year, and second semester Junior Year my team’s client was the Writing Fellows.  The Writing Fellows is a prestigious group; students sign up, take an extra course, and then edit papers for a course discussion. The program gives these writing fellows important writing and editing skills.  Students apply every semester, and the board picks the best candidates.

What did out client want? New posters and a new logo.


What was the problem? The program attracts mostly English/ Humanities majors.  Our client, Herschel, wanted to bring in a variety of majors.  This is difficult, of course, because science majors (for example) don’t really see the benefit in using up their time writing.  They have labs, etc. to deal with.  Writing may not seem like a valuable skill to them.

We had the difficult task of appealing to this skeptical audience.

Our thought process? Everyone needs to write well.  Everyone at least needs to be able to write a cover letter without making grammar/spelling mistakes.  Even science majors write a lot.  They write long lab reports, and maybe they don’t realize just how much they write and how important writing is to any career.

Our account manager, Emily, picked out 4 categories of majors we should target: Law, Science, Business and Psychology.

What did I contribute? Copy and concept ideas, mostly.  The team also consisted of a couple very talented graphic designers, an artist and great account managers.

Some of my original ideas were: “There’s a Writer in Everyone,” and “There’s a Writer in You.”  I thought about what might appeal to a science major.  “You use your telescope by day, your typewriter by night…”  “You spend all day in the lab, doing this, doing that, and then you come home.  And you write.”

Herschel liked the whole “Scientist by Day, Writer by Night” idea.  Everyone on the team played around with copy ideas that fit with the mold “Scientist/ Business Guru/ Psychologist/ Lawyer by Day, Writer By Night.”  We also decided that it would be a good angle to focus on the future: this is what your future could be if you develop these important skills.

These were some of the copy I came up with:

1.Charles Darwin by day, Charles Dickens by night/ Atticus Finch by day, Harper Lee by night/ Freud by day, Faulkner by night 

2. A Desk in that top-floor office can start with the desk in your bedroom/ A seat in the Supreme Court can start with your simple, wooden desk chair.

3. Freud published over 300 books, articles and essays in his life… How much do you write?


2. Be willing to be different

3. Be Persistent

10. Assess the Risks



What did my team come up with?

These were the preliminary ideas the designers came up with:

Screenshot 2014-05-01 14.39.00 Screenshot 2014-05-01 14.39.19

Herschel loved the “develop, connect, inspire” heading.  The color choices were decided by what might appeal to different majors.  The designers played around with the design more and came up with…


The Final Products:

business2_wf psych1_wf science1_wf science2_wf


And the Final Logo We Decided on Was:





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