Today In the News: April 6, 2014

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Sunday morning bliss: sometimes it means rambunctious arguments during brunch; sometimes it means drinking tea and doing the NYT crossword puzzle with your dad; and sometimes it means binge-reading every piece you find online.

The following are a) news stories and their links and b) my (admittedly blunt) commentary.

In the future I will make sure to snatch stories from multiple sources, but for today I will focus on the Huffington Post.

1. Obama to Sign Executive Order on Equal Pay 

The first thing that comes to mind is: finally.

The second thought that comes to mind is: so many political issues lie in a gray area because of political affiliation, differing morals, or different religions.  But equal pay is an issue that is very black and white.  If two people do the same job, they should get equal pay, regardless of any differences in race, gender, sexuality… you name it.

2.Why Mentally Ill Soldier’ Reporting on Fort Hood Shooting Was Sloppy Journalism 

Isn’t this the argument that always arises after a mass-shooting?  There is no clear-cut answer: HOW do you report that someone who did something violent may have had mental issues without contributing to the stigma of mental illness?  There are too many contributing factors for why someone would do something like that; gun legislation and mental illness always seem to come up more than anything else in incidences like this.  And,to make everything more complicated, people tend to have completely opposite opinions.  Should we make gun laws stricter or looser?  Should we feel more sympathetic or threatened by mental illness, and how do we mirror that sympathy or antipathy in future legislation about mental illness?

Ideally an isolated incident like this does not cause prejudice or dangerous generalizations against such a large group of people.

3. Google Wants To Trademark The Word ‘Glass’


What if a jewelry store wanted to trademark the word LOVE?  What if a sherpa wanted to trademark the word MOUNTAIN?  All I’m saying is that GLASS is too generic of a word.

There are more important battles to fight, Google.  Seriously.

4. Archbishop To Sell $2.2 Million Mansion

Hypocrisy in the church: that subject is a doozy.  It’s one of those very sensitive topics, and has been ever since the bible was written.  When you are someone who is supposed to be selfless at your job, opulent spending for your own personal use may not be the wisest decision.  Why is it that a man-of- God who spends a lot of money on himself is looked down on so much more than (let’s say) a lawyer or a doctor who does the same?

5. Wisconsin Loss In The Final Four

As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I can’t pretend to be bias-less on this topic.  This one hurt.  We fought a good fight, and lost only when the other team made a miracle shot with 16 seconds to go.  The Badgers played well in the tournament.

On, Wisconsin.

6. And, in Health: Meditation 

It’s finally nice out in the Midwest.  Sit outside and relax a little before you go about  your busy day.  Clear head, full hearts, can’t lose (*manipulated ‘Friday Night Lights’ wisdom).


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