I Wish People…

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Here are several problems I have with technology and living in this particular era.  As an aspiring journalist, it’s difficult to balance certain personal problems I have with aspects of technological advancement with the realities of the job.  Technology is great for a lot of reasons; I love that I can cut stories and post them online and that people can now share their work like no one could twenty years ago.  I love that certain programs make it easier to get the dull but necessary jobs done, leaving free time for people to actually pursue their passions and get some fresh air.  But I really don’t love how some (not all, of course.  I’m not THAT cynical) people seem to have no boundaries when it comes to social media and technology.

Yes,  maybe this sounds pretty crotchety or cynical.  Yes, maybe it’s better to just “get with the times.”  Yes, some of these are huge generalizations.  But by “people,” I do not mean each singular person in the world. Do not get offended.


1. I wish people wrote letters more often (and used those wax stamps to brand them).

2. I wish people didn’t fight via text or twitter.  Just do it in person.  Seriously.

3. I wish people weren’t so impatient to get immediate answers.  It’s ok not to get a text back within 5 seconds of sending one.

4. I wish people knew what to keep public and what to keep private.  Not every thought is a gem.  Unless you met the President at lunch, then don’t say anything about your lunch online. It’s not worth it.  And just because you don’t explicitly name someone in a melodramatic tweet, that doesn’t mean you’re not targeting a specific person. Usually that person knows he is the subject.  And he will be annoyed at your passive-agressive tactic.  Hopefully he is not passive-agressive enough to respond with his own passive-agressive tweet, but if he does… this will be an endless cycle of passive-aggression that should simply be dealt with in person.  With actual VERBAL communication.

5. I wish people realized what a diminishing effect superlatives can have.  If you name your video “This Is the Cutest Dog You’ll Ever See!”  or title your article “The 1o Best Songs of All Time” (“10 Albums you HAVE TO Listen To RIGHT NOW”) then there’s no way in hell anyone will actually believe you.  Or agree with you.  It’s a cheap way to get hits.  People appreciate something clever or straightforward much more than something so blatantly attention-whoring.

6. I wish kids under the age of 16 weren’t allowed to have an online persona.  They should be able to experience a childhood free of public scrutiny and free of “marketing themselves” to their peers.  Many of them can’t even seem to spell (it’s “you” not “u”) or use correct grammar (their, they’re, there- it’s not a difficult concept to get these right!).   Odds are that they’ll look back at that junk they put on the Internet when they were young and say to themselves “whyyyyyyyyy?”.  Plus, who wants to go through puberty is such a globally public environment?

7. I wish people realized social media should not be the most active part of your social life.  Go out.  See a concert.  Have a drink.  Have a spontaneous conversation with a stranger.  Live a little.


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