In the News: April 27, 2014

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After spending all weekend watching foreign movies and attempting to bask in the 50 degree sun, it’s finally Sunday.  We’ve all had a long week.  We’re all exhausted.  I’ll make this quick.

On the clippers: WHY would you own a predominantly black basketball team if you’re a racist?  Not cool, Donald Sterling.  Why has this guy not been fired? This dude does not belong in the 21st century.  What’s extra ironic is that he was this close to getting an award from the NAACP.  That’s not still happening, right?

On people who can take a hint: the South Korean Prime Minister has resigned because of the whole ferry fiasco.  How will his critics (i.e., the victims’ families) respond?  Will we ever know if he government ever did everything they could to find the ferry and find all those missing people?

In other news: Earth Day happened.  It’s basically like every other day of the year except that a few more people where green t-shirts and shop at Whole Foods.  On an unrelated topic, 30% of Americans don’t believe in Global Warming because they’re not really feelin’ the whole scientific evidence thing.

On why the hearts of every woman ages 15-50 have been broken: George Clooney is getting marries.  We’d thought you’d be single forever, George!


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