Wisconsin Mini Indie Film Festival Reviews

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There’s an obvious perk to living five minutes away from a place the screens free movies; this weekend was spent enjoying films at this festival whenever I got the opportunity.  As convenient as it is to watch Netflix, anytime, anywhere, isn’t it nice to experience a film at an actual theater every once in a while?  The atmosphere is totally different.  It’s not a quiet apartment, a half-empty bottle of wine and a bowl of microwave popcorn; it’s a whole group of people enjoying a collective experience and laughing together.  Yes, maybe I’m getting sentimental.  I just really like watching movies.

This festival featured films that were Saudi, Palenstinian, Dutch, American… the variety was intriguing.  The four films I saw were “Omar,” “Wadjda,”, “To Kill a Man,” and “In A World…”  I have reviewed all except “To Kill A Man,” which was both critically-acclaimed and disturbing.  I didn’t want to write a review on that.  Here are the others, though:

“In A World…” (2013), Dir. Lake Bell

“Wadjda” (2012) Dir. Haifaa Al-Mansour,Saudi Arabia, Saudi girl

“Omar” (2013), Dir. Hany Abu-Assad, 


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