‘Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs’ in the 21st Century

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I’ll be writing a weekly blog with a focus on wellness for Workforce magazine.

In my first post, I write about the television show Frasier in relation to the current, 21st century mental health help landscape.

My takeaway from the interviews and research: as technology improves and expands, yes, health care is growing more and more complex. But we are also seeing more opportunities to democratize health care.

Read at Workforce.com.



“Radio callers (often by celebrities such as Jodie Foster, Elijah Wood and Ben Stiller) would call in to the “Dr. Frasier Crane Show” with their problems, and Frasier would give advice —sometimes ironic or comical, sometimes longwinded and Freudian, but mostly very solid and sincere. His brother, Dr. Niles Crane, would often berate Frasier for preferring radio fame and “pop psychology” to the traditional approach — hour-long sessions and extensive psychoanalysis for years at a time. But Frasier, although definitely fame-obsessed, also enjoyed using the medium of radio to help people far away and those who didn’t have access to time-consuming mental help.

All of this is to say: As a benefits blogger, I am supremely thrilled to mention Frasier any chance I get when writing about mental health, and the show is the ideal example of telemental help in the 1990s.

People in the 2000s, however, consume information in a very different fashion. They’d probably prefer a mobile or online platform for telemental help rather than a radio psychiatrist…”



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