In The Red

April-May 2014

Screenshot 2014-05-09 10.15.40

Find at this link: IN THE RED

My reporting class had just 4 weeks to come up with everything for this site- from the initial idea to the finished product.  We had a brainstorm session, finally decided on “student debt” at UW-Madison and spent a couple hours brainstorming story ideas.  I acted as secretary and recorded everyone’s ideas in a spreadsheet and also organized the final stories/due dates/ and other relevant information on a comprehensive spreadsheet.  Everybody brainstormed ideas for a title, and what we decided on was “In The Red” because it’s a financial term and because UW-Madison’s color is red.  Our graphic designer, Michael, came up with a great image, part of which you can see at the top of this page.  He and he other web designer, Esta, decided on a scroll-down site on Creatavist, which resulted in a very professional-looking project.   Topics of people’s stories included:

My role was reporter.



We entered the site in several contests and are awaiting results!




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