Louis C.K. Gets It

Response to Current Events:

After all this hoopla over this new IPhone operating system, none of which I understand, here is a reaction from talented comedian Louis C.K. that more accurately comments on the whole smart phone obsession-phenomenon.

Louis C.K. describes being able to sit there and do nothing as something that makes you a person- something very accurate but something not many people seem to appreciate.

Of course obsessed techies are very apt to praise the new system and complain about the old one (as if one absent feature just made life so much more difficult).  Comedians have a way to comment on modernity and its pitfalls in a philosophical way that is both funny and sadly accurate.

Check out this other Louis C.K. clip where he complains about people who complain about airports.

“I had to sit on the runway for 40 minutes!”
“Oh my God, really?  What happened then, did you fly through the air, like a bird, incredibly?  Did you soar into the clouds impossibly?”

Louis C.K. gets it.




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