The Next Big Thing in Social Media

Journal Prompt

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram monopolizes a lot of Generation Y’s time because social media connects.  Kids can share ridiculous amounts of information and ideas in 140 characters or less.  Someone’s social circle can include relative strangers from countries all around the world.  One problem with all this easy access is that we get bored so easily.  If we’re not fully interested in a conversation, we are staring down at our phones or thinking about staring down at our phones. There are distractions everywhere. People are bored and restless and not entirely happy.

I believe at some point there will be a backlash on social media and the effect it has on people; there will be a movement to go back to simple pleasures (that is, pleasures that don’t involve indifferently staring at your phone for some form of instant satisfaction/entertainment).

Keeping this in mind, my prediction is that the next big thing will be an app for people like me who are restless with the supposed hierarchy of social media.  Whenever one is bored and “phone staring” or “looking up crap on the internet” does not suffice, this app can help.  You put in where you are, your budget, what type of activity you feel up for (Outdoors? Yoga? Food?), and in return you get a list of suggestions.  This is where social media can actual get SOCIAL and how you can meet similar people with similar interests in person and not depend on a glaring phone screen for entertainment. After your event, you can post pictures, videos, comments: anything you want OR nothing if you prefer, which would appeal to this generation’s sense of letting everyone know what they’re doing all the time yet still wanting privacy.   Although I don’t know if an idea like this would be as widely accepted or popular as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it would provide a more productive outlet for boredom and a real (rather than a virtual) social network for those involved.  There would be a large audience of people interested in a social media that lets them me social with actual people instead of youtube commenters, avatars, or online dating profiles.


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