November 2013
Hollywood from the the Ken Hahn State Recreation Area in Baldwin Hills.

FInd at: badgersinentertainment.wordpress.com

WisconCinema was a big project for one of my journalism classes. The point of WisconCinema? To hi-light the talent that’s come from University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Entertainment Industry.  Throughout the years, I’ve attended a handful of lectures from alumni who now write for television or for the movies: Steve Levitan, Anders Holm, Joan Cusack… There have been some pretty impressive Badgers.  I took this project as an opportunity to interview some people who have “made it” in the competitive industry.  It was a really great opportunity for me, and getting advice from these people was pretty incredible.

I’m really proud of the title, heading and tagline for the site.  A lover of puns (especially terrible ones), I thought the title was a good way to literally mesh together the two biggest themes of my site.  The “Wisconsin” part of the title is in UW-Madison red and in the font that’s prevalent for the university.  I combined that with a fun, old-school, creative font that evokes this sense of the good ol’, glamorous days of film.  Keeping the background black and white also reminded me of old films.  Plus, it made the red stick out even more than if I’d kept the Hollywood Hills in color.


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