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Tracking the Affordable Care Act

As Congress tackles health care in America, the future of the ACA could be radically different this time next year. Or not. I’m keeping tabs on important developments in the ongoing attempt to repeal and reshape the ACA.

The Health Care Executive Order and Its Impact on Employers, Oct. 2017

Tracking the Affordable Care Act, Winter/Spring 2017

House Republicans Release Their Replacement Bill for Obamacare, March 2017

Trump’s Speech and the Future of Health Care, March 2017

Senate Confirms Tom Price as HHS Secretary, Feb. 2017

GOP Outlines ACA Replacement Plan, Feb. 2017

The Implications of Obamacare’s Future on the Workplace, Jan. 2017


Articles, Workforce

From Personnel to Workforce: Enron’s Epic Meltdown, March 2018

Retirement Ready? (web design/ intro), March 2018

Companies Embracing the March Madness of Basketball at Work, March 2018

UnitedHealthcare Reconsiders Drug Rebate System for Some Employee Customers, March 2018

Remodeling Retirement for the 21st Century, March 2018

Baby Boomers Booming as Gig Workers, Feb. 2018

Lyft Expands Tax-Saving Commuter Benefit to More U.S. Cities, Feb. 2018

From Personnel to Workforce: Why Women Still Earn Less Than Men, Jan. 2018

Ailing Health Care System Gets a Shot From Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan, Jan. 2018

University Makes Healthy Choice with Health Care Panel, Jan. 2018

The Private Exchange’s Spread in the Workplace, Jan. 2018

See: “When Your workday is Interrupted, and Interrupted Again and Again”

When Your Workday Is Interrupted, and Interrupted Again and Again, Jan. 2018

What the CVS-Aetna Deal Currently Means for Employers, Dec. 2017

Employees Use InDays to Improve the World Around Them, Nov. 2017

Webasto: Optimas 2017 General Excellence Winner, Oct. 2017

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Optimas Gold Winner for Benefits, Oct. 2017

Riverside Healthcare: Optimas Silver Winner for Benefits, Oct. 2017

Anthem Inc.’s New PBM Predicted to Bring Cost Savings to Employers, Oct. 2017

See: “Employers Embrace Telemedicine But Employees Exhibit Uncertainty”

Employers Embrace Telemedicine But Employees Exhibit Uncertainty, Sept. 2017

Gig Economy Workers May See Benefits Relief, Sept. 2017

Katrina Survivor on Harvey: Encourage a Sense of Normalcy in Your Workforce After a Disaster, Sept. 2017

West Elm
See: “Modern Workspaces, Office Design Possibilities Open Up”

VIDEO, Aug, 2017: Modern Workspaces: Office Design Possibilities Open Up,

Dad-Friendly Work Policies Begin Growing Up, July 2017

Digital Resources Help Balance Diabetes Management, July 2017

Contracting a Cure for Prescription Drug Costs, July 2017

2017 Workforce Game Changers home page (web design), June 2017

Workforce Game Changers 2017: A Day in the Life, June 2017

Dads at Work
See: “Dad Friendly Policies Begin Growing Up”

2017 Game Changer: Florine van Everdingen, June 2017

2017 Game Changer: Sha’Carla Petty, June 2017

2017 Game Changer: Kristin Hamblock, June 2017

EAPs Shift Appeal to Court Generational Differences, May 2017

Workforce 100: It Feels Like the First Time, May 2017

2017 Workforce 100: Ranking the World’s Top Companies for HR (web design and introduction), April 2017

Weighing the Value of Workplace Wellness, March 2017

New Wellness Bill HR 1313 Gets Flak for Genetic Privacy Concerns, March 2017

Appetites for Carrots and Sticks Shift with Wellness Perks, March 2017

See “Cos. Reach for Gender Equality Through Policy and Benefits,” Photo by Federica Valabrega.

Companies Reach for Gender Equality Through Policy and Benefits, March 2017

Arianna Huffington: Seeking to Thrive in a Wellness World, March 2017

Two Key Twitter HR Executives Leave the Nest, Feb. 2017

Gradvisor Partners with Gusto to Extend the Reach of 529 Benefits, Feb. 2017

SHRM Announces the Retirement of CEO Hank Jackson, Jan. 2017

Health Insurer Unum Expands to Offer Dental and Vision Coverage, Jan. 2017

See “The Awesome Influence of Women in HR”

Women of HR home page (web design), Jan. 2017

The Awesome Influence of Women in HR, Jan. 2017

The Art of Human Possibility, Jan. 2017

Astutely Making Inroads, Jan. 2017

Being Light on Your Feet a Big Help in HR, Jan. 2017

Corporate Yoga: A Vehicle for Emotional Health, Jan. 2017

Castlight Acquires Jiff in First Wellness Deal of 2017, Jan. 2017

Supplemental Health Coverage Makes Employees More Responsible, Jan. 2017

See: “Commuters Find an Alternative in Uber-WageWorks Pact”

Commuters Find an Alternative in Uber-WageWorks Pact, Dec. 2016

Push for Gender Parity Undergoes a Paradigm Shift, Dec. 2016

What Will Wellness Look Like in 2017?, Dec. 2016

Second Time’s a Charm When It Comes to Medical Opinions, Dec. 2016

Scheduling Reform Pushes Its Way into the Retail Industry, Dec.2016

SHRM Study: Health Care Remains Key Benefit for All Employee Groups, Dec.2016

A Black Belt in Life Saving, Dec.2016

Genetic Testing Gets Toothy Test as a Workplace Benefit, Nov. 2016

Taking the Pain Out of the Neck, and Back, and …, Nov. 2016

IRS Provides Some Extra Relief for Employers, Nov. 2016

See “2016 Optimas Awards” and subsequent winners

2016 Optimas Awards home page (web design), Nov. 2016

AbbVie: Optimas 2016 General Excellence Winner, Nov. 2016

Devon Energy Corp.: Optimas Gold Winner for Benefits, Nov. 2016

Retrofit: Optimas Silver Winner for Benefits, Nov. 2016

Southern Utah University: Optimas Gold Winner for Vision , Nov. 2016

Gensler: Optimas Silver Winner for Vision, Nov. 2016

Managing Emotions in a Post-Election Workplace, Nov. 2016

Fighting a Different War: Employment in the U.S., Nov. 2016

Wearable Device Giant Fitbit Falls Short, Nov. 2016

ACA and the Election: What HR Needs To Know, video story, Nov. 2016

IBM Workers Get an Assist From Watson to Fight Cancer, Oct. 2016

Hilton Adopts More Family-Friendly Employee Benefits, Oct. 2016

Technology Making an Impact on Mental Health, Oct. 2016

Paternalistic View of Benefits Shifting, Sept. 2016

The National Business Coalition on Health Rebrands and Renames, Sept. 2016

Clinton Vs. Trump: The Workplace Winner Is …, Sept. 2016

Health Insurers Buck Self-Service Benefits Enrollment Trend, Sept. 2016

Hilton Pledges to Pay Equality for Its Female Workers, Sept. 2016

Aiming for a Shot in the Arm to Fight Flu Season, Aug. 2016

IRS Offers a Little Breathing Room on Data Transmittal, Aug. 2016

No Smoke Screen Here, Aug. 2016

Huffington’s Move to the Corporate Wellness Space Was Smart: Here’s Why, Aug. 2016

Employers Can Swat Zika Concerns with Education Push, Aug. 2016

2016 Game Changer: Dwayne Watkins, July 2016

2016 Game Changer: Dan Schawbel, July 2016

2016 Game Changer: Jason Hite, July 2016


Articles for Talent Economy

The State of Entrepreneurship Part III: The Slow Rise of Diversity in Entrepreneurship, March 2018

Part III of Talent Economy‘s “The Future of Workplace Learning” series: Managing the New Individual Professional Development Plan, Jan. 2018

Part III of Talent Economy‘s “Large Scale Inequality” series: Technology’s Role in Global Inequality, Oct. 2017

Global Inequality
See: “Technology’s Role in Global Inequality”

What U.S. Execs Can Learn About Business Culture from Other Countries, Aug 2017

The New Employer-Employee Social Contract (section 3 out of 4), May 2017

Tech VS You: Technology and the Talent Economy, March 2017


Articles for Chief Learning Officer

Learning in Practice Awards, 2016, Excellence in Technology Innovation winners: Intrepid Learning, Abilitie & Peak Seven Consulting, and Degreed, Dec. 2016

Learning in Practice Awards, 2016, The Strategy Award, Division 1 winners: Michele Parks, Michelle Braden, Melissa Hess, Dec. 2016

Learning in Practice Awards, 2016, The Strategy Award, Division 2 winners: John Kostek, Deborah McCuiston, Ann Marie Sidman, Dec. 2016


Working Well: A Blog on Corporate Wellness, Frasier-centric Posts

As somebody who was raised on the ’90s sitcom Frasier, I use this blog as an opportunity to connect the television show with contemporary topics around mental health and mental illness in the workplace.  

John Mahoney and Marty Crane Taught Us How to Cope With Life and Work, Feb. 2018

Morton Arboredum 2
See: “Guiding Employees Toward Mental Health Practitioners”


Guiding Employees Toward Mental Health Practitioners, Oct. 2017

Making a Business Case for Mental Health, Jan. 2017

Working Unwell: Mental Health by Profession, Nov. 2016

Is Your Workforce Happy?, Oct. 2016

See “‘Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs’ in the 21st Century,” photo credit: Google Images

‘Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs’ in the 21st Century, Aug. 2016


Working Well: A Blog On Corporate Wellness, Other Posts

Trump’s Empathy Inadvertently Offers a Lesson in Employee Communication, March 2018

The Role of Family and Employers in Financial Decisions, March 2018

HR 1313 Updates and Genetic Testing Controversies Over Time, March 2018

What Does Your Company’s Health Care Plan Say About Your Attitude Toward Mental Health?, Feb. 2018

Effects of Dementia Inside and Outside of the Workplace, Feb. 2018

Social Advances in the LGBT Community Begets Retirement Progress, Feb. 2018

Triage and the Morality of ‘Playing God’, Feb. 2018

How Employers Can Shift Their Wellness Program Plan Design Under Changing Regulations, Jan. 2018

An Overwhelming Retirement Environment, Jan 2018

Entrepreneurship, the Gig Economy and Access to Benefits, Jan. 2018

Wellness Companies React to EEOC Incentive Rule Upheaval, Jan. 2018

Here’s to 2018 — Wellness, Harassment and Tax Reform’s Effect on Drug Prices, Dec. 2017

Seeking a New Normal in Family Benefits, Dec. 2017

Building a Community in Your Workplace, Dec. 2017

Musical Theater and Workplace Communications, Nov. 2017

Benefits Round-Up: Domestic Abuse, Extra Vacation and Ingrained Health Attitudes, Nov. 2017

Not Everyone Is Open to the Open Office Space, Oct. 2017

Benefits Round-up: The Newest Epidemic, Blood Drives and Forest Bathing, Oct 2017

Morton Arboredum
See: “The Newest Epidemic, Blood Drives and Forest Bathing”

Who Is the Healthiest Employer?, Sept. 2017

Fitbit Captivate Conference: Behavioral Economics, HIPAA and More, Sept. 2017

It’s Evident That Paid Family Leave Has Bipartisan Agreement, Sept. 2017

Some Constructive Criticism on Health Savings Accounts, Aug. 2017

Incentives, Penalties and Disagreements in Workplace Wellness, Aug. 2017

Finding the Right Balance for Employees in Office Design, Aug. 2017

Effigy Mounds
See: “A Work-Life Reminder: Iowa Treks and Sacred Mounds”

This Week in Controversial Workplace Benefits, Aug. 2017

Loneliness Creeps into Workplace Wellness World, July 2017

Some Constructive Criticism on Wellness, July 2017

The Convergence of Health and Wealth, June 2017

Last Thoughts on SHRM17 and Tropical Storm Cindy, June 2017

To Encourage Health, You Just Need a Little Nudge, June 2017

Benefits Are a Large, Important Part of Total Compensation , June 2017

The Power of Collective Influence, the Cost of Misdiagnosis and More, May 2017

A Benefits Round-up: Thought-provoking Ideas of the Week, May 2017

See “Green Thumbs and Living Walls in Urban Areas”

Green Thumbs and Living Walls in Urban Areas, May 2017

Structuring a Remote Working Program, April 2017

Burnout in Health Care and Beyond, April 2017

One Employee Says He’s Sick of Wellness Carrots and Sticks, April 17

Got Breast Milk? These Female Business Travelers Do, March 2017

Overuse of Physical Therapy a Growing Pain Point for Workers’ Comp Costs, March 2017

Some Offices Designing Ways to Help Employees Move More, Feb. 2017

Health Care Cost Shifting Doesn’t Hold Up in the Long Term, Feb. 2017

Health Literacy Empowers Employees to Make Better Decisions, Feb. 2017

Mindfulness to Help Mothers Stop from Losing Their Mind, Jan. 2017

Chattering Colleagues or Sounds of Silence: Which Is Golden for the Workplace?, Jan. 2017

The Opioid Addiction Epidemic Grows in the Workplace, Dec. 2016

See: “Mindfulness Isn’t Supposed to Be a Cure-all”

Mindfulness Isn’t Supposed to Be a Cure-all,  Dec. 2016

Stand Up for Working Well, Dec. 2016

Parental Leave Predictions Under the Trump Administration, Dec.2016

Working Unwell: Mental Health by Profession, Nov. 2016

The Whole World Wants to Work Well, Nov. 2016

Retiring Well: How to Convince Employees to Save Enough, Nov. 2016

Corporate Travel Benefits Extend to Non-Business Travelers, Nov. 2016

A Whole New Employee Engagement Model, Nov. 2016

Employers’ Greatest Concerns This Election Cycle, oct. 2016

Corporate Wellness: Get Your Namaste On, Oct. 2016

My Second HR Conference: Finally Getting the Hang of It, Oct. 2016

Employers See the Value of Value-Based Health Care Plans, Oct. 2016

Workday Rising — My First HR Conference, Sept. 2016

Back to Basics: Appealing to a Multigenerational Workforce, Aug. 2016

Pay Equity Act a Step Toward Gender Equality, Aug. 2016

Companies Can Support Breastfeeding Moms as They Return to Work, Aug. 2016

Internship Articles: Workforce

Business Travel After Brussels: The New Normal?, Spring 2016

HR and IT: The Dynamic Duo in Cybersecurity, Spring 2016

HR and IT: The Dynamic Duo in Fighting Cybersecurity Risks, Spring 2016

A Collector’s Item: Debt Agency Adds Headhunting Program , Spring 2016

Let’s Take a Look at Facebook at Work, Spring 2016

Mulling a Music Video? You Know It’s All About That Basic Engagement, Spring 2016

Glassdoor Names HR Manager a Best Job for 2016, Spring 2016

Annul the Annual Survey? Some Experts Think You Should, Spring 2016

Re-engaging With William Kahn 25 Years After He Coined Term Employee Engagement, Spring 2016

Virtually Anywhere: This Office Comes With Windows … or Mac Software, Fall 2015

In Telecommuting, Women Find Fewer Opportunities Than Men, Fall 2015

Tenaris: Optimas Gold Winner for Training , Fall 2015

Red Robin: Optimas Silver Winner for Training, Fall 2015

Oakland County, Michigan: Optimas Gold Winner for Innovation, Fall 2015

Global ILabs: Optimas Silver Winner for Innovation, Fall 2015

Automatic Transmission: Enter the Chief Automation Officer, Fall 2015

From Fallout From Falling Sandwiches to Stuck Cats, Workers Get Creative With Excuses, Fall 2015

Sharing Economy: Business Travelers Slow to Start ‘Sharing’, Fall 2015


Internship Articles: Chief Learning Officer

To Outsource or Not to Outsource, Aug. 2016

Learning Technology’s Role in Recruiting for Culture Fit, June 2016

Does Your Company Value Intrapreneurship?, June 2016

The Impact of Big Data in Decisions, May 2016

Making the Right Choice When There Is None, May 2016

Sidley Austin Strives for Talent, Teamwork, and Results, May 2016

Vanguard Devotes Year to Learning Innovation, May 2016

Vi’s Breakthrough in Leadership Development, May 2016

Deloitte Focuses on Learners’ Strengths, May 2016

Learning Should Be Focused on Development, Not Delivery, May 2016

How to Avoid the Messy Mentor-Mentee Breakup, May 2016

Gain Leadership Skills Without an MBA, April 2016

How to Fix Common Employee Learning Blunders, April 2016

What’s Trending in Executive Education?, March 2016

Tap the Full Potential of Big Data in Learning, March 2016

How Do You Manage Remote Workers?, Feb. 2016

‘Legoizing’ Your Learning, Feb. 2016

How U.S. Leaders Can Gain Cultural Awareness, Feb. 2016

Are Authentic Leaders Hard to Find?, Jan 2016

Adult Learning Programs Growing in Some Midwestern States, Dec. 2015

Learning in Practice 2015: Excellence in Social Learning, Dec. 2015

How Do You Deliver Learning?, Dec. 2015

Learning in Practice 2015: Business Impact Division 2 Winners, Nov. 2015

Learning in Practice 2015: Business Impact Division 1 Winners, Nov. 2015

Jay Cross: Learning Guru Dies, But His Lessons Live On, Nov. 2015


Internship articles: Talent Management (Discontinued publication. The company switched to a new publication called Talent Economy.)

Closing the Opportunity Gap: Obama’s Challenge, Dec. 2015

Firms Grapple With Workplace Culture, Dec. 2015

In Telecommuting, Women Find Fewer Opportunities Than Men, Dec. 2015

Why Women Need IPO: Information, Power and Opportunity, Dec. 2015

Diversity: Good for All, Nov. 2015

Firms Stand Pat on Benefits, Nov. 2015

Don’t Mistake Politics for Religion, Nov. 2015

What Do You Really Know About Black Men in America?, Oct. 2015

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Gaydar’, Oct. 2015

You’re Pregnant — You Need Not Be a Target, Oct. 2015


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