Wizard of Ogg & Oggwarts

Spring 2015

My group (GBAG) for MHR 322 (Entrepreneurship) needed to come up with an idea for the t-shirt design project- which group out of 13 total could sell the most shirts.  The idea itself for our design came from a market need: we noticed there were no shirts for Ogg, a residence hall, and figured we could take advantage of that untapped market.  Next, we brainstormed designs.  What would appeal to the average student?  What could we do with a word ogg?  After discussing this problem, we had an aha! moment: kids in our generation love Harry Potter.  We grew up with Harry Potter.  Harry Potter is nostalgic to us, just like memories from the dorms.  “Welcome to Oggwarts,” we thought. We decided to go pursue the magic theme more by including a second design called “The Wizard of Ogg.”  The front of the shirt, in both designs, features a stylized image of Ogg Hall with the title of the design.  On the back of each shirt we chose a quote for Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz, respectively, that spoke of good memories and nostalgia.

Information about our final numbers, strategies, and the problems we encountered (/how we solved them) can be found in THIS powerpoint.  Still, here is a bullet-point list of the basic information.

  • We sold a total of 41 shirts for a total of $512.00.
  • We sold most of the shirts to the residence hall, where they were having a Harry Potter trivia night and needed prizes to give away.
  • In this particular project and for this particular design, we found that finding big buyers through connections and networking is more effective than trying to sell to individuals.



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